Outing Report – Longniddry



The outings this year are coming thick and fast and our 6th outing was held at Longniddry Golf Club on Friday with members competing for the Keeper’s Tankard.

Given the deluge that was to fall the next day we were blessed with a perfect day for golf and the 16 players on show thoroughly enjoyed their day although from what I gather the greens were best described as being somewhat tricky.

It was also great to see Janahan back for an outing and in case any additional incentive was required on the day he kindly came supplied with 2 cases of beer for the winners.

In what has become an almost copy and paste report, Richard Torrance for the 3rd time in a row was the winner on the day with 34pts and winning on a better inward half score from runner up Brian Gillespie.

All joking aside this is a fantastic achievement to win 3 outings in a row and one for the historians to check if this has ever been done before.

The pair’s competition was won by Phil Millar and Jim Gordon with 44pts.  

The ball nearest the holes winners were: – :

4th – Alan Gray

6th – Janahan Balasubrammaniam

13th – Janahan Balasubrammaniam

16th – Alan Gray

Janahan also converted both his putts to score the only 2’s on the day

Our final outing is being held at Winterfield on Friday 16th October.

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